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Rea & Associates is a full-service, top 100 Ohio accounting firm with 11 offices. Rea focuses on privately held businesses and high net-worth individuals. (
Schiffman | Grow & Co. Among Certified Public Accounting firms in Columbus, has been providing quality accounting, tax, and consulting services to both individuals and small businesses since 1985. (
Smart Tax Professional Services is a full service accounting and tax preparation firm catering to businesses and individuals. Certified Public Accountants established in 1981, servicing clients nationwide. Call 313.586.1228. (
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Are you interested in Certified Public Accounting Firms, tax accounting, auditing, budgets, financial planning, payroll, tax preparation, budgeting and more?

You have many options given the many services offered by small tax accounting firms, larger professional Certified Public Accounting. If you need to find a CPA in the USA, many firms can help you with your individual tax needs and a wide range of topics for businesses – from payroll taxes to audits. Whether it's a small business professional or specialist helping a large corporation, many of the services are the same – and accountants follow the same rules and best practices when it comes to your money, taxes, what you owe the IRS, wealth management, personal tax returns, corporate tax returns and more.

Here are some of the cities you'll find on the directory and list of CPA and accouniting firms:
accounting firms in Norfolk, Honolulu CPA firms and accounting firms in Boston. Learn about our accounting marketing packages.

Cash Basis
Cash basis is mainly used by small businesses that don’t have to report to any agencies or investors. This system is very straightforward and can be inaccurate because of the timing of periods. Transactions are documented when cash comes in or goes out – you record expenses when they are paid, not incurred. This makes it difficult to see how much revenue a product or service has generated.

Why Use Accrual Basis?
Accrual basis is required by the GAAP and is based on the matching principle. The purpose of accounting is show where a company financially stands at any given point and if the company is making money on services and products it sells. This is hard to portray in cash basis accounting because they never show how much money is already scheduled for paying invoices.

What Accountanting Firms Handle
Chart of accounts, checking, debt, IRS rules, disbursements, expenses, money, financial statements, fixed assets, fixed expenses, income, taxes, asset accounts, budgeting, IRS, income tax expenses, budgets, assets, liabilities, personal tax returns, business tax returns, payroll, P&L and more.

Payroll includes income taxes that must be withheld and social security taxes. It's important for taxes to be paid on time to avoid penalties and interest. Accountants involved with payroll also must track retirement, sick pay, vacation. It's not uncommon for companies to outsource their payroll activities.

Accountants track all sorts of information through a chart of accounts. The list can be long but represents a wide range of business activities, including advertising, charitable contributions, rent, interest, salaries, taxes, cost of goods sold, licenses.

Accounts are in two classes: balance sheet accounts (assets, liabilities and owner's equity) and income statement accounts (revenue and income and exepenses and loss).

Here are some services you can expect from CPA firms that handle tax matters for small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large companies:

Business income statement, sales revenue, cost of goods sold, gross margin, sales/administrative expenses, operating earnings, interest expense, earnings before tax, income tax expense, net income, operating costs, labor, wages, salaries, benefits, health care, life insurance, property taxes, natural gas, depreciation of operating assets, legal costs, audit costs, office supplies, advertising expenses, cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, retained earnings, accumulated depreciation, accelerated depreciation, current assets, allowance, reserve, economic activity, business transactions, financial effects, financial reporting, tax experts, professional CPA, payroll taxes, audits, accountants, bookkeeping, payroll support, state taxes, local taxes, guidance with start-ups, business plan development, IRS resolution, QuickBooks, QuickBooks set up, monthly bookkeeping, financial statements, forensic accounting, financial aid planning, and business coaching.

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