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Accounting firms in DC offer an array of services, including trust and estate accounting, monthly bookkeeping, income tax preparation, business coaching and advising, financial statements and more.

The District of Columbia’s small businesses are key to its overall well-being. They account for a significant share of the state’s economic production and hiring. This profile from the Office of Advocacy uses the latest available data to illustrate the status and contributions of District of Columbia small businesses. (Note that a small business is defined as one with fewer than 500 employees.)
• Small businesses totaled 58,310 in the district in 2008. Of these, 15,627 were employers, and they accounted for 46.7% of private-sector jobs (Table 1). Small firms made up 92.7% of the district’s employers.
• TheDistrictofColumbia’srealgross product increased by 3% and private-sector employment decreased by 1.4% in 2009. By comparison, U.S. real GDP grew 0.7% and U.S. private-sector employment declined by 5.5%.
• Business ownership is becoming more inclusive in the district. The number of both women and minority business owners has grown. In particular, minority-owned businesses numbered 22,523 in 2007, a 33.9% increase over 2002.
• The district’s small business employment has undergone major shifts in recent years (Table 2).
• Thedistrict’sbusinessesshowedsignsof stability and improvement in the fourth quarter of 2009 compared to the first quarter.

Source: U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy

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