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Accounting Firms Salt Lake City, Utah

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Accounting Firms Salt Lake City, Utah

Accounting Firms Salt Lake City, Utah

Need accounting firms Salt Lake City? Our directory can help with your personal or corporate tax and financial needs.

Learn more about the Salt lake City Utah economy:

Dominated by service-orientated business, Salt Lake City is built on transit hubs, call centers and seasonal tourism. The city was host to the 2002 Winter Olympics, which was a huge economic boost for the area. However, many of the restaurants and hotels that opened to support the Olympic crowd have gone under after the games, and the visitors, left the town.

Salt Lake City is the largest industrial banking center in the US.

Sometimes called the “Crossroads of the West,” Salt Lake City is in the middle (equal distance) of Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Portland, Phoenix and Seattle. Salt Lake City serves as a major center for freight traffic and has many regional businesses located there such as Sysco.

The government is the top employer in the area, with local, state and federal government agencies employing about 21% of the workforce. Other major employers are in the trade and transportation industry including Delta Air Lines and Salt Lake City International Airport. In addition, University of Utah, Sinclair Oil Corporation and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are also major employers in the area.

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