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CPA 2011

CPA 2011 – Business Financial Services

Contrary to popular belief, CPA firms are much more than just tax preparers; they possess plenty of financial skills that benefit a business in its growth and expansion. Accountants offers advice to interested business owners on the best way to formulate budgets and forecasts, create accounting systems, and how to maintain financial records in a good state. In addition, they can outsource funds on behalf of a company.

CPA 2011 – Tax Advisory Services

Handling personal and private taxes are among the services offered by CPA firms that are extensively prepared to offer assistance to any business in the matters regarding tax filings, including money owed to the IRS. Since they have in depth knowledge about the tax laws and implications, they help business owners act in compliance with the tax laws. They offer advice in relation to coming up with either short-term or long-term objectives so as to reduce tax liabilities. In case a company is facing tax difficulties, a CPA firm can act as a representative of the company before agencies.

Business Valuation, Forensic and Legal Action Services

Companies understand the importance of consulting CPA firms as to the progress of their businesses. Business owners seek CPA services on a business valuation to ascertain the rate of growth of their businesses. In this case, accounting firms analyze the financial data and determine the worth of a given company. Further, since the main aim is financial growth, accountants prepare a business owner on how to handle the financial implications that come with company’s growth. Regarding litigation services, accountants can conduct business valuations as well as damage studies and act as liaisons to lawyers and bankers in matters regarding bankruptcies, divorce settlements and other dispute resolutions. In addition, they can offer testimonies in court as expert witnesses.

Accounting and Auditing Services

Companies and business owners understand the importance of keeping updated and accurate financial records for local, state and federal needs – including IRS taxes. These financial records play a huge role in CPA services, such as running audits, analyzing the financial stability of a company and tax preparation. CPA firms offer a hand in preparing, compiling, reviewing and auditing financial records. In addition, they also check the financial state of the company by analyzing the financial records and reports so as to assure investors of proper use of money.

CPA 2011 – Technology Consulting Services

As result of technological advancements, an accounting firm can offer hi-tech solutions to complex problems. In addition, they offer recommendations on the best accounting and business software to be installed as well as oversee the installation process and conduct training sessions for employees who need to learn how to use business software.

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