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If you want your CPA website to be found, you need to know how to connect with potential searchers on the Internet.

They do a lot of interesting things when they start looking for CPA services. For example, it’s not uncommon for someone to do a broad search first before conducting subsequent searches.

That’s why you’ll find more people looking for accounting firms before narrowing their searches to a state, city or region. Plus, you have some Internet users who will specific a state abbreviation like CA for California or Fresno CA instead of just Fresno when looking for something like Fresno CA accounting firms.

Your web site can’t possibly be number one on Google for every keyword phrase you dream up. It depends on your content, other CPA website factors like domain name, web site age, inbound links, page headers, page titles and many more.

It’s best to test out different types of keywords to see which ones make the most sense for your business and the marget you’re trying to reach. For example, you may only work with small businesses or appeal to companies looking for small accounting firms.

Here are some examples of actual phrases people use when trying to find CPA website options that may make sense for their individual or corporate tax, finance, cash and money needs.

  • accounting service
  • certified accountant
  • accounting companies
  • cpa website
  • accounting websites
  • accounting website
  • find an accountant
  • cpa services
  • cpa directory
  • list of accounting firms
  • need an accountant
  • cpa websites
  • local cpa
  • find cpa
  • local accountants
  • accounting firms
  • accounting firm
  • tax accountant
  • public accounting
  • certified public accountant
  • certified public accountants
  • cpa firm
  • tax accountants
  • accounting solutions
  • corporate accounting
  • public accounting firms
  • business accountants
  • accounting firm websites
  • personal accountant
  • accounting for small business
  • business cpa
  • accountants firms
  • find a cpa
  • small accounting firms
  • small business cpa
  • small accounting firm
  • tax accounting firms
  • list of cpa firms

The list looks pretty interesting right? You may not know whether to start with CPA website or tax accounting firms. Again, it’s better to try something. You’ll haveĀ  a better shot if you add a local city to the keyword phrase – like accounting firms in Memphis or accounting firms in Philadelphia, PA.

If you don’t give serious thought to the keyword phrases, you’ll have a tough time appearing high on any of the major search engines. You get your edge through research, testing and revisions.

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