EMS Safe Bet: Avoid Scam, Rip Off and Complaints with Electronic Merchant Systems

EMS Safe Bet: Avoid Scam, Rip Off and Complaints with Electronic Merchant Systems


Unlike some companies that get labeled for scams, concerns about a rip off and bad reviews, Electronic Merchant Systems in Cleveland, Ohiohas grown to become one of the premier providers of merchant processing services and electronic transactions. EMS operates in more than 100 U.S. cities.

Established in 1987, Electronic Merchant Systems has made a commitment to customer service from day one.

Part of its reputation involves a number of outstanding services, which include a 24-hour help desk. You can avoid complaints and steer clear of a scam or rip off by relying on EMS.

Over the years, EMS has listened to its customers and carefully shaped refined many types of products and services to support businesses in different industries. Electronic Merchant Systems  has served thousands of U.S. companies, including retailers, mail order companies, Internet businesses and more.

Contact EMS about:

  • Payment acceptance options
  • eCommerce payments
  • Gift & Loyalty programs
  • Merchant funding
  • Check processing

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Electronic Merchant Systems helps businesses process transactions more efficiently through a wide variety of electronic channels. The company can assist businesses looking for a way to accept payment from major credit cards online. Beyond this, the service can help businesses get more value out of their e-commerce shopping experience to grow their revenue. EMS can even help facilitate greater customer loyalty by developing rewards programs targeted at increasing sales for online businesses. Through these services, companies can even accept alternative payments such as check through a secure online checkout.

E-Commerce Solutions
EMS is designed to help companies get the most out of their e-commerce storefronts through a wide variety of services. The company provides helpful initial consultations for businesses investigating how they can improve the efficiency of their online shopping carts. EMS can even help new businesses get online with new e-commerce solutions designed to be optimally efficient for today’s business world. The company can assist with design, hosting, gateway optimization, and actually accepting transactions. The company’s platform can even work with store-specific gift cards to provide extra value to local customers.

Merchant Funding
The BizFunds® program of EMS can even help businesses receive and qualify for financing in order to get operations started. Before customers place an order, businesses may need to deal with concerns related to logistics or product storage that may be quite expensive. In order to get started, businesses can use these services in order to provide temporary financing to cover accounts receivable. This extra working capital can help with advertising, equipment purchases, and provide a revolving source of credit for routine purchases. This means that businesses will find it easier to get started and will have lower barriers to entry. Both small and midsize businesses can take advantage of this program if they qualify for credit.

Payment Acceptance
When businesses provide convenient payment methods, customers will be more likely to make a purchase. By using the services of EMS, businesses will be able to accept check and credit card right on their website. This means that customers will have both an enhanced opinion of the business and will be more likely to make a purchase. Businesses that provide these additional services to their customers will find conversion rates increased once they get to the shopping cart. Additionally, businesses who are able to accept these payment methods can advertise this as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors. Being accepted into major credit card agencies also communicates greater trust with new customers who come into the website.

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