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INCOME: The median income of households in Louisiana was $42,167. Seventy-nine percent of the households received earnings and 16 percent received retirement income other than Social Security. Twenty-eight percent of the households got Social Security. The average income from Social Security was $13,333. The sources of income are not limited; some households got money from multiple sources. HOUSING COSTS: The median monthly housing costs for mortgaged owners was $1,102, nonmortgaged owners $304, and renters $674. Twenty-nine percent of owners with mortgages, 12 percent of owners without mortgages, and 51 percent of renters in Louisiana spent 30 percent or more of household income on housing. Source: American Community Survey in 2009

Louisiana’s Secretary of State Office requires not only the newly created entities to file for incorporation but to make sure that the entities that exist to renew licenses and keep their information updated. The office also records trademarks, complies with Uniform Commercial Code Filings, and even dissolution of corporation status.


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