Rochester CPA

Rochester CPA

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Rochester CPA
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Company Name Address City State ZIP Code Phone Number
Antonucci, Ronald R CPA 687 Lee Rd # 210a Rochester NY 14606 (585) 254-7790
Arthur Andersen LLP 100 Chestnut St # 1500 Rochester NY 14604 (585) 399-2800
Baier & Williams 350 Calkins Rd Rochester NY 14623 (585) 334-1640
Bailey Carr & Co 2565 Brighton Henrietta Tl Rd Rochester NY 14623 (585) 272-9870
Barberi Accounting & Tax Svc 7 Hunt Holw Rochester New York 14624 (585) 225-9260
Bernardi & Russo 100 Meridian Centre Blvd # 310 Rochester NY 14618 (585) 271-2300
Butler & Butler 561 Titus Ave Rochester NY 14617 (585) 342-0101

INCOME: The median income of households in Rochester was $30,540. Seventy-four percent of the households received earnings and 13 percent received retirement income besides Social Security. Twenty-two percent of the households received Social Security. The average income from Social Security was $13,094. These sources of income are not necessarily exclusive; some families got money from more than one source.

HOUSING COSTS: The median monthly housing costs for mortgaged owners was $1,032, nonmortgaged owners $469, and renters $706. Thirty-four percent of owners with mortgages, 25 percent of owners without mortgages, and 62 percent of renters in Rochester spent 30 percent or more of their income on housing items.

Source: American Community Survey - 2009

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