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New York City NY Tax Accountants, CPA Accounting Firms

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New York City NY Tax Accountants, CPA Accounting Firms

New York City NY Tax Accountants, CPA Accounting Firms

We just added many more listings of New York accounting firms on the Accountants and CPA Firms directory, which is designed to guide you to some of the most notable New York CPA firms.

New York NY accountants, CPA firms and accounting firms offer many different types of services, including financial management, tax compliance, IRS issues, business valuations, IRS income tax returns, audits, financial forecasts, budgeting, gifts and charitable giving, and more.

From a business perspective, New York NY CPA firms help corporations, partnerships, limited liability corporations, sole proprietors, s-corporations, non-profits, etc. Need fraud examinations or litigation support? Many New York accounting firms can lend a professional hand.

Get the advice you’re seeking by contacting any of these accounting firms that have considerable industry experience. Ask them for references before signing up for their services. Fees and prices may vary a great deal based on their experience and specializations. Not everyone needs forensic accounting, but it’s helpful when a CPA firm in New York has a deep bench of talent and offerings.

Learn more about New York City taxes and related matters.

Here is some information from the City of New York:

New York City charges city residents a personal income tax. The tax is administered and collected by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance for the City.

Who must pay this Tax?
Every income-earning individual, estate and trust residing in New York City must pay personal income tax. Part-year residents figure their tax based on income and deductions on the days lived in NYC.

Most people living outside the City are not subject to NYC personal income tax. However, non-city residents who are Employees of New York City must file Form 1127 and pay taxes each year. The amount is equal to the personal income tax they would owe if they were City residents.

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